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“In Gratitude to the Crosbys, For Their Response to COVID-19”

For the Crosbys it is simple, you do right in business by doing right by others…

To those of us that know the Crosby’s, we think of a surname that represents the people working in unison to build a strong workforce based on the principles of giving others something meaningful to do. We think of our immediate family, spending day and night working through complex problems and times to help others fulfill their sense of purpose and to maintain their financial stability. We think of generations of family, whose hard work prospered and grew a new legacy based on Godly wisdom and opening their hands to others. We think of our Founding Fathers, whose hard works gave purpose to us all- whose works built a nation based on a new dream, the American dream.

Crosby, a name for those whose service and commitment during COVID-19 redefines attitudes and repurposes the American dream.

The Crosby’s have broken many boundaries as a women-owned business based in Houma and Cut Off Louisiana where they have dispelled stereotypes, grown organically, and thrived quietly for over fifty years in one of the most competitive business sectors in the world. In so doing they have not always kept to the norms expected of them during their time. Similarly, the Crosbys have not been concerned or really bothered by the proverbial ‘what everyone else is doing’ as a primer for what they should be doing in business.  In fact, it is this very distinction that I find most genuine about working with the Crosbys. The Crosbys do not have to look to modern day best practices, Gantt charts, or competitors’ SWOTs and market share analytics to define what they do and how they do it.  Instead, the Crosbys see their guiding light very clearly as it is rooted in God’s way of living, which usually contradicts the world’s ways. The Crosbys quite frankly defy everything one may learn at a Harvard Business School or Wharton MBA school or any other prestigious learned institution, as their ways are not ruled by think tanks, fancy business metrics, or quantifications and algorithmic prose.  For the Crosby’s it is simple… you do right in business by doing right for others.

During this COVID-19 crisis, amidst companies asking for government bailouts, staggering unemployment reports, and talks of an era likened to the Great Depression, seldom do we get to hear stories about the specific acts of silent business leaders that purely redefine the foundation for which this country was built. So, we are giving you gentle reader, a glimpse into our story… the Crosby story.

Specific acts of opening our hands and hearts have defined the generations for Crosby, and this next era is no different. Quietly and anonymously, members of the Crosby family have reached into their own pockets and not only kept our workers employed but remained committed and resolved to focus on growth, improving processes, building out new systems management, reinvesting in its staff and managers, and opening up their hands to serve our families, our community and our customers.  For me, this had significant impact as I embarked on a new era of working with others in the business sector that believe in being ready to say and do what is only natural to them, but may seem strange to the rest of the world. I have been working since I was 16-  I worked hard and excelled at every job I had because I had to – I needed to eat, I needed put a roof over my head, and I thought it important as a young woman to work while putting myself through university and onto graduate school.  Now after 27 years in the workforce and in energy, never have I experienced acts of gratitude and generosity as I have over the course of the last few months while working with the Crosby’s. When writing this piece out of my own place of humility and gratitude, I realized that the Crosbys are really Kingdom people.

The Crosbys seek different blessings and benefits and they live different attitudes

  • Rather than let go, the Crosbys reached into their own pockets to ensure our workers remained on payroll, had sources of stability and an opportunity to retain their jobs, even when our clients shut-in their operations;
  • Rather than let go, the Crosbys put the health and safety of their workers at the forefront of everything we do and not one cough, symptom of a cold or stomach bug has gone unchecked by medical professionals and without follow-up conferences with our health and safety director, his associate, and our field managers and supervisors who have worked around the clock to keep business running efficiently and safely;
  • Rather than let go, the Crosbys trusted its operations to a man who tracked every worker, led a small team, and organized each region down to every last detail and dollar earned, to ensure business remained fluid and stable, resulting in every worker being accounted for, and paid wages for, and in good health at all times, with no lost time, no downtime and zero incidents;
  • Rather than let go, the Crosbys kept essential managers fully engaged so that small teams could handle night and day shifts while getting essential workers to and from home and worksites safely and with appropriate travel documents, safety gear and health items to ensure their wellbeing while on location;
  • Rather than let go, the Crosbys trusted other managers to do their jobs, giving them important assignments to ensure pandemic plans are in place and being followed through, and business continuity is on track, and that goals were being set and new business practices were emerging;
  • Rather than let go, the Crosbys promoted in-house talent assigning new tasks and growth plans, while stabilizing essential business and getting more efficient processes and systems in place;
  • Rather than let go, the Crosbys sacrificed their own personal gain from record company highs and reinvested in their staff- promoting the welfare of all those hundreds that they directly employ and the thousands of supporters that benefit directly from their actions and hard work;
  • Rather than let go, the Crosbys kept sending direct messages of hope and growth throughout our company, reinvigorating all workers and staff to do right by doing for others.


Lessons from the Beatitudes

When I finished recounting all the acts that I have witnessed over the past few months in working with the Crosbys, I arrived at the number, 8, the same number of the key lessons from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. Just as Jesus began his longest recorded sermon by describing the traits he was looking for in his followers, he called for those who lived out those traits blessed because God had something special in store for them. While each beatitude is an almost direct contradiction of society’s typical way of life, the beatitudes challenge the way we live each day.

Each beatitude tells us how to be blessed. To Jesus, blessed means the experience of hope and joy independent of outward circumstance. To find hope and joy, the deepest form of happiness, follow Jesus no matter what the cost. When his followers asked how to qualify to be in God’s kingdom, Jesus responded by delivering the attitudes expected of us, and he delivered the sermon with how the attitudes we must adopt contracted the attitudes and goals of the world.  In the kingdom of heaven, wealth and power and authority are unimportant, Kingdom people see different blessings and benefits and they have different attitudes.

“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works”… Matthew 5:16

As we continue to stand by and watch as others in business take on worldly attitudes, in doing what they think they should do by cutting costs and letting go of their people, we remain humble and grateful to the Crosbys. The Crosbys live by Godly attitudes. In our pursuit to continue the Crosby legacy, we end with a message of encouragement. Stay true by taking on the attitudes expected of us by Christ, and not the rest of the world when struggling to make decisions that impact people’s livelihoods. Take action to rebuild the foundation while doing your best to keep people motivated and trust people to set new goals and share their visions on how to emerge from COVID-19. Stay committed to your code of ethics, open your minds to alternatives, and most importantly when other people’s lives depend on you… you open your hands to serve.


Make it a blessed week,



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Measure What Matters

“Faith in one’s ability to be a service to others and a part of the solution is what matters”  –  Amanda Jernigan

Now that we are told to restart our summer days with fractioned work schedules, online camps, and phased-in family plans, we cannot help but recount how this all began just a few months ago.   We remember how we spent the hours just prior to the time when  Shelter-in-Place orders became effective, and the magnitude of COVID 19 began settling into the crevices of our daily lives.  Even more, we reflect on the media- which quickly turned into disdain for all television, our public officials’ warnings, and how our leaders in business made announcements that troubled us, often quoting former Presidents, Heads of State, famous leaders in ministry, science and health.

For me, prior to the world becoming utterly still with uncertainty, I recall my last business lunch. I was seated in a room filled with other IPAA members, as an audience that has known decades of downturns and fiscal crisis gripped the words from Matt McCarroll, the President of Fieldwood Energy, as he closed his message with a quote from Winston Churchill: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”. It was a message of resilience.  It was a message that left us in remembrance of where we came from.  Following McCarroll’s message, I remember that hour as we wrapped our minds and talks around our future state. I remember leaving downtown Houston that day as six words emerged in perfect union from my memory’s walls: “Worry is faith turned inside out”.

Later that night, I came home and opened the spiral notebook where my mother and I first discovered those six words.  I knew the scarred and slow hands that wrote those words. I knew the eyes that peeped through their legally blind state to read from the book that inspired those words. I knew the author of those words… my grandmother, Mary Elizabeth King.

Mary Elizabeth King.
A woman with a 9th-grade education. A woman who never drove a car. A woman who never traveled or left the state of Texas. A woman who began working at the age of 14 during the Great Depression picking cotton as she assumed the role of her father who died, to bring income into the house as the eldest of seven children.  A woman who had to take her 4-year-old daughter with her, my mother, to South End laundry where she handled and lifted bags equal to her weight filled with soaked laundry over to her table to join the assembly.  A woman who worked in no air conditioning and took the clothes out of the bags, to shake them,  straighten them and pin them with 6” steel pins so they could be ironed on the ironer,  where burns to the workers were not infrequent. A woman whose meek provisions raised and fed the entire family as she worked a 6.5 straight schedule earning $13/week.  A woman who was forced to work because her husband who was a supervisor at the Texas State prison in Huntsville, took his own paycheck and drank it.  A woman whose scarred hands could tell the stories of her tending to her gardens, supplying food and clean clothes to households throughout Huntsville, and Onalaska. A woman who persevered through the gravest of decades and grew an entire new generation as she saw all 6 siblings, three daughters, and an adopted nephew through to graduate school and on to careers in education. A woman who never met a salesman, a visitor, or a stranger without a shotgun. A woman who wore the same dress silhouette every day for thirty years. A woman who in her seventies bred a hybrid rose garden in Trinity, Texas to produce roses in shades of lavender, her granddaughters favorite color.  A woman whose plain and simple truth was rooted in her daily devotionals as she read from the Bible.

A woman who approached a century and whose body laid bedridden in an inextricable condition for almost a decade.  A woman whose mind grew dark with dementia as she could no longer recall names or have all her memories. A woman who without medical explanation given her condition, could recite every scripture in the Bible. A woman whose notebooks were filled with pages of her clippings and self-made Bible studies wherein we found the words: “Worry is faith turned inside out.”

artical image

In times where the unknowns outweigh states of stability, where we pray without ceasing for our loved ones and for our health, where economic imbalances shift the core of the foundation which our fathers and mothers built, we turn worry into faith.

Take time now, to write down your goals and begin to define what progress means to you. Take time now to rationalize to yourself how you will become a solutions person.  Take time now to reflect on those that inspire you most – like my Granny King inspires me.  Imagine her,  this slip of a woman, who throughout the Great Depression era was doing jobs intended for strong men, earning meager wages while putting two generations of family into the workforce and on to making progress. To her, solutions were simple: you read the Bible, you pray the Bible, you live the Bible.

Begin building your plans around the solutions that are needed within your family,  your business,  and your community. Take time now to think about each action that you will take to make progress towards those goals.  Finally, look in unexpected places for your greatest sources of inspiration and to restore your faith. Sometimes the best remembrance of who we really are and what we are really made of comes from those whose words and ways may not have been written about in history books, but whose actions transform the generations.


Make it a blessed week,



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Congratulations Omar Olivo!

Shell awarded Omar Goalie of the month and the quarter for identifying a potential hazard.

Omar was at a well doing a separator cleanout. He noticed an operator doing the LOTO had a green hat, he called the lead operator and verified that the operator was not certified to perform the LOTO. The lead operator went over to the location, and step by step went over the process and all the permits with the green hard hat EE.

Omar received $500 from Shell and $500 Crosby match, for a total of $1000.00

Great Job, Omar!


Goalie award Omar Olivo

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CES Award Recipient











Aaron Bean

Congratulations, Aaron Bean! BSEE has recognized him with one of their coins for outstanding performance during an annual inspection. The inspectors were very impressed with his knowledge and hands-on experience. In addition, he has received the CES Safety Award for excellence in safety, along with a $50 gift card and CES Excellence shirt. Aaron works at Cox-SMI 236, Tiger Shoals


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Press Release


safe driving logo

Crosby Energy Services launches a new safe driving campaign
“Safe Driving Matters”

Kermit, TX November 2018– Crosby Energy Services launches a driver safety awareness initiative called Safe Driving Matters, aimed at reducing incidents and saving lives. Ed Thomas, General Manager at Crosby Energy Services will play a key role in promoting the campaign throughout the region. “I spend most of my days on the roads and highways in the Midland/Odessa area, and I know that getting back to the basics will save lives”

“This campaign is a wake-up call to our employees that safe driving matters,” said Rick Koch HSE Director for Crosby Energy Services. As a safety professional, Rick has seen firsthand the devastating impact of unsafe driving. “Traffic accidents and fatalities affect everyone in the community. It is the responsibility of everyone that gets behind the wheel to take into account the safety of themselves and others.”

Rick has responded to many emergencies throughout Crosby Energy Services locations – many related to impaired and distracted driving. As the spokesperson, he will promote and share important safety messages with employees through internal email platforms, social media, and the Crosby Energy Services HSE web page.

About Safe Driving Matters
Safe Driving Matters is a Crosby Energy Services internal awareness program aimed at saving lives by changing the culture of our employees’ driving in the Midland/Odessa area. The program is a self-sustaining driver safety awareness program in Midland/Odessa area. To learn more about Safe Driving Matters, please visit our page at

About Crosby Energy Services
Founded as C&D Wireline in 1968, Crosby Energy Services is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise National Council member (WBENC) that has established itself as an industry leader, providing exceptional service to oil and gas producing companies across the Gulf of Mexico and North America. We strive to hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct in all aspects of our business and remain vigilant toward safety, health, and the environment. For more information, visit www.crosbyenergy.com

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Congratulations Bobby McLaughlin

Bobby works in PA and won the Personal Best Award for saving our client money on parts for 2” motor valves. He researched and implemented them buying seal kits (for rebuilds) for $200 instead of them buying the entire motor valves for $800–saving them $600 each time.

Great Job Bobby!

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Congratulations Reece and Kyle

387 components tested with no INC! Stupendous!!

Reece Bazor and Kyle Reed_INC

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Darren Altazan receives CES award (Crosby Excellence in Safety)










Darren receives a gift card

for excellence in safety!

Darren was visiting another platform and noticed that one of the regulator gauges on the acetylene bottles was broken. Because there was no way to determine the pressure, Darren removed the bottles from active to inactive status.


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Jeremy Pullen Wins Shell’s Goalie Award







Goalie of The Month for June 2018

Congratulations to Crosby Energy Services’ employee Jeremy Pullen who was awarded Goalie of the month by Shell for identifying a hazardous piece of equipment.

While grounding tanks on a Shell flow back rig up job, CES Supervisor Jeremy Pullen performed a walk-thru inspection of all equipment. Jeremy noticed the inspection dates on the bands of the flow lines were expired. Also, during his inspection of the equipment, he noticed brass valves installed on a separator. Brass valves are banned on all equipment utilized on all Shell locations due to their lower psi rating. Jeremy utilized his “Stop Work Authority” and contacted the right personnel to notify them of his findings and had all the expired equipment switched out. Jeremy also replaced all the brass valves with approved ones.


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Travis Johnson Wins Shell’s Goalie Award—Three Times Over!

Travis Johnson Clipped_V1

Crosby Employee Recognized as Winner for the Month, Quarter and Year

Congratulations to Travis Johnson for outstanding work and forward thinking—a combination that saved lives! Travis was working in the Permian Basin when he was called to respond to a power outage on PME 53. When Travis arrived at the site he noticed that all three line fuses were blown. But before replacing the fuses, he decided to travel the line to see make certain there weren’t any downed power lines further along.
Travis was ten miles down the line and into the University lease and noticed a bucket truck with two men in the air and four men on the ground. All were working around a broken power pole. Travis interviewed the men and discovered that another oil company had struck and broken the power pole while moving a rig. The other electricians had been called in to repair the pole—but without notifying Shell that there was a problem.
If Travis had not had the foresight and initiative to travel the power line, his own repair work could have resulted in a fatality.
This forward thinking has earned him Shell’s Goalie Award for not just the month, but for the quarter … and the year! The Goalie program is designed to recognize Upstream Americas Onshore Gas employees and contractors who take proper and proactive steps to ensure the healthiest, safest, most secure and most environmentally friendly operation possible. Congrats, Travis. We are all very proud of you!

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